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People wear disposable face masks in different ways, with either of the two sides facing out, making it difficult to know which one is correct. Some choose to wear the blue side outside and the white inside while others do it the other way around. 

In our opinion, the confusion as to which side is out on a disposable face mask became really pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Pre-covid, most people wore face masks with the blue side facing out, but that changed when contradictory posts spread on the internet.

The posts, which went viral and influenced many people, claimed that you should wear disposable masks this way;

  • Wear the blue side out and the white side in when you are already sick and want to keep the germs in.
  • Wear the white side outside and the blue side against your face when you are not ill and want to keep the germs out.

Since then, many have still not gotten the facts right and wonder which way to wear a disposable mask. If you are also wondering the same, we put up this post to help clarify which side is out on a disposable face mask. 

Read through to get your facts right!

Does it Matter Which Way to Wear Disposable Masks?

Yes - it does, and we will explain why the way you wear your disposable face mask matters. 

A standard disposable nose mask usually has three layers that have different functions; 

  • The part that is supposed to face out: It is the thickest part of the face mask, which is water repellant and designed to keep other people's nose and mouth fluid from coming through. The outer part is usually glossy.
  • The Inner layer between the inside and outside part: It filters some of the germs that make it through the protective outer layer or the inner one.
  • The part that is supposed to face inside: It is breathable and absorbent, soaking up your nose and mouth fluid and allowing you to breathe.

Now, if you wear the wrong side of the nose mask against your face, it would be too stuffy to breathe. The other side will also soak up other people's nose and mouth fluid rather than keep it out. 

Apart from the three parts of the disposable mask above, there are the top and bottom parts too. The top section usually has a bendy piece of metal which reduces the space between your face and the mask and helps the mask form around your face. 

If you wear glasses, the bendy metal in the face mask will help prevent your breath from fogging up. Wearing the face mask upside down will do the opposite.

The bottomline is that knowing which way to wear disposable face mask will help you enjoy its protective benefits. It also helps to prevent the spread of germs causing diseases and infections.

Now that you know the importance of wearing your mask correctly, which side is out on a disposable face mask? Read the next session to find out.

So, Which Side is Out on a Disposable Face Mask?

Most disposable face masks have a blue and white color on either side. The blue side is usually the outer part as it is thicker and more protective. The white side is softer and absorbent, which technically makes it the side to wear against the face for breathability. 

Simply put, if you have a disposable nose mask with blue and white colors, here is how to wear it;

  • The blue side faces outside, protecting fluids from coming through.
  • The white side faces inside, against your face, absorbing your nose and mouth fluids.

Now, what if both sides of your mask are white, which one is supposed to be out?

Following the guide in the previous section, one part of your disposable nose mask is meant to be glossy while the other is breathable. If both sides of your face mask are white, feel them see which one is thicker. That part should face outside, while the softer, absorbent side goes against your face.

Unless your disposable face mask is fake, there should be a glossy thick and a soft, breathable side. If you have it any other way, the disposable face mask may not offer protection. That is why we usually advise that you buy the best quality disposable face mask to remain protected. 

Some manufacturers are not certified and they usually produce face masks that are not ideal. Such products will only promote the spread of diseases, in the end. The best way to ensure you are getting the real thing is by purchasing your nose mask from reputable sources. Such disposable face masks may even be reusable because of their quality material.

Additional Tips for Wearing Your Disposable Mask the Right Way & Staying Safe

  • Disposable face masks can be worn more than once, but you have to store them in clean paper bags to keep them safe and prevent spreading germs.
  • Always remove your mask with the ear straps.
  • Wash your hands before wearing your face mask and after removing them.
  • Ensure that you can breathe with your mask on.
  • Don't wear the face mask around your chin, ensure it covers your nose and mouth properly.
  • Once your mask gets dirty or soiled with fluid, dispose of it immediately.
  • Never share your face mask with anyone.

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Final Thoughts on Which Way to Wear Disposable Mask

So, which side is out on a disposable face mask? The glossy part, usually blue, should face outside on your disposable mask while the white side is the inner part. If both sides of your face mask are the same color, just check for the thicker part and wear it facing out.

Some disposable face mask manufacturers make it easier for end users to recognize the correct sides by indicating it on the products. If you have a mask like that, it will be pretty straightforward to use it correctly.

However, if yours does not have an inscription that shows the outer and inner parts, the guide we have provided above will help you choose correctly. 

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