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Primo Dental Products Is The Premier PPE Shop Online!

Are you looking for the best PPE supply companies online? Look no further - because you found the premier choice for all things disposable PPE! Here at Primo Dental Products, we’ve earned a reputation as the best PPE shop online. 

Whether you’re shopping for PPE supplies for a nail salon or hair salon, tattoo parlor or dentist practice, or any other industry for that matter. We’ve got the products you need to keep you and your clients safe while staying compliant. And these days, even people like you and I need gloves and mask just to head out for the day!

We’ve got over 25 years of experience in the dental industry and can provide you with what you need at prices that work for you. You don’t need to waste your money on name-brands that offer the exact same product marked up at ridiculous rates. When you choose Primo Dental Products, you get the best bang for your buck. 

Plus, you get to experience our unbeatable service that has earned the trust and respect of top dental professionals around the world. Here is a bit more information on us.

Why We Opened Our Online PPE Store

We saw an opportunity in offering high-quality disposable dental equipment at fair and competitive prices. As such, we decided to partner with trusted manufacturers to make a variety of disposable and high-quality dental products. We have carefully vetted manufacturers with years of experience to help create our own brand of disposable dental products.

Recently, we have opened up our website to the general public in the United States as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw a significant amount of fake, low-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) out in the market. This alarmed us, as it puts the average person at higher risk for COVID-19 infection. 

PPE has become central to everyday life. From trips to the grocery store to taking public transportation, we all venture out and risk contamination daily. Primo Dental Products decided that something needed to be done. 

We quickly responded by offering our branded personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and masks) and high-quality products from brand-name manufacturers directly on our website. Now, everyone can feel safe and confident heading out for the day!

What Are The Different Products Available On Our PPE Online Store?

In our PPE online store, you’ll find everything you need to stay safe and compliant - all without breaking the bank. We offer surgical masks, disposable nitrile gloves (along with latex), hand sanitizer, sanitization wipes, and much more. 

The products you’ll find in our online PPE shop are perfect for everyday wear when you head out for errands or during travel. But, these are also the premier choice for professional use too - this is the reason we’re considered one of the most versatile online PPE stores in the world.

Additional Reasons Primo Dental Products Is The Top PPE Shop Online

Aside from the diverse range of products we offer in our online PPE shop, there are a few other reasons we’re widely considered to be among the best PPE supply companies. The quality of our products exceeds even the highest standards. If it’s good enough for the dental industry, you can rest assured it’s good enough for you! 

We take great pride in being a hassle-free PPE online store, making it easy to get the products you need, delivered right to your door within 2-5 days. All orders ship through FedEx, which we consider to be the best shipping service possible for this type of stuff. 

Our website is secure and intuitive, so you can easily and confidently checkout today. Still not convinced we’re the right PPE online store for you? Just take a look at the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve reived from real, verified customers just like you. With thousands of satisfied customers, it’s no surprise our name is brought up among the best PPE supply companies!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now or reach out to our helpful customer support team. We’re just a phone call or email away and respond if we don’t get back right away, we always respond within one business day. We’re excited to help you, and you’ll be glad you chose Primo Dental Products as your online PPE store!