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If you didn't know, face masks do not come in just one fit. Generally, they are available in different sizes to suit your unique face measurements. However, most people usually fail to check whether the face mask fits before ordering it. This is especially common when shopping online.

One of the most crucial things about wearing a face mask safely and properly is getting the correct fit. Without the correct mask size, you won’t get all the protection it has to offer. Now, face masks are not like clothes that you can try on to check their fit. Therefore, you have to measure the size of your face and compare it to the specs of a face mask before purchasing it.

If you’re wondering how to measure your face for a mask, you’re in luck. Today’s article will talk all about finding the right size of disposable face mask. First - let’s start with an overview of why this is such an important topic.

Why Does the Size of Disposable Face Masks Matter so Much?

Getting the proper size of disposable face masks has several perks. The first and the most obvious of them all is their physical appeal. Wearing a mask that fits perfectly looks good on the outside unlike when it is slacked against your face. 

Apart from its appearance, the correct face mask size ensures your comfort. You don't have to adjust the mask every second because it is sliding off or hugging your face too tightly. That can be inconvenient and frustrating at the same time. You will not be able to wear your face mask properly when the size is not fitting correctly.

Lastly, the main reason for using face masks is to prevent yourself and the people around you from contracting or spreading infections and diseases. Wearing a loose-fitting face mask will not avail such protective capabilities to you and those around you. 

Now that you know why the size of a disposable face mask is crucial, let's see which sizes you can expect to see when purchasing one in the next section.

What Size is a Disposable Face Mask Typically?

Before we dive into the size of a disposable mask, let's clarify which types of masks fall under the disposable categories. The most popular types of disposable masks are the surgical or medical masks which were widely in use during the coronavirus pandemic. 

They come in various colors, like blue and white, black, floral prints, and others. They are available in different sizes to suit adults and kids properly. Surgical masks are designed for single use unlike other disposable masks like n95. Find out more about the difference between medical or surgical masks and other disposable masks in our comprehensive comparison article for clarity. 

That said, what size is a disposable face mask? 

Disposable face masks come in two standard sizes- for adults and kids. 

  • Regular adult-size disposable face masks measure 17.5cm by 9.5cm 
  • The standard kid size is 12cm by 7cm.

That is not to say you will not find other measurements when you check different shelves.

Apart from the above standard sizes, you may also get smaller or larger sizes of disposable masks. A few brands make diverse disposable mask sizes in consideration of people with smaller or larger faces than the standard measurement.

Ordinarily, the standard measurements of face masks should suit anybody who uses them, but for better protection and comfort, some people may require sizes outside those measurements. 

If you have tried standard disposable face mask sizes and they did not fit properly, you can measure your face to find the perfect fit. See how to do that in the next section.

How to Measure Face for Mask: Finding the Right Disposable Face Mask Size

As stated earlier, there are other disposable face mask sizes apart from the standard sizes. So, if the regular disposable face mask doesn't fit perfectly, you can go for a larger or smaller one. 

See how to measure your face for a mask with our guide below;

  1. Get a measuring tape or ruler 
  2. Place the ruler on your nose bridge with point zero below your eyes
  3. Measure the length from there to your chin, just below your lower lip.
  4. Also, measure the length between your right and left cheekbone.

Whatever number you record is your ideal nose mask size. You can get any nose mask with a measurement close to that number for a proper fit.

Fun fact- Most people, after measuring their face for a mask, find out that the standard disposable mask measurement fits. You may not need to go around looking for another face mask size when you have the regular disposable mask. 

Additional Tips for Proper Sizing & Wear

  • Disposable face masks usually come in a standard size that fits almost everyone.
  • The correct face mask size must cover your nose and mouth down to your chin.
  • Some surgical masks come with elastic straps while you have to tie some. Ensure you tie your surgical mask properly in case yours is that type.
  • If your new face mask feels saggy after putting it on, it is either the straps are slack or it is not your correct size. Size down if it is the latter.
  • If the standard disposable face mask size doesn't fit, check for brands that sell smaller or larger sizes to meet your specs. 
  • Always buy the best face masks for comfortable and proper fitting products.

Final Thoughts on How to Get the Right Disposable Face Mask Size

In most cases, the standard 17.5cm by 9.5 cm disposable face mask will suit you as an adult while the 12cm by 7 will fit a kid. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the fitting of the standard disposable face mask, brands are selling other sizes. 

Ensure that you use our guide for measuring the face for the mask above before purchasing a disposable mask that is not the standard size. That will help you pick the most suitable one for your face. 

It is important to note that the size of your ideal face mask may not match the measurement you take. However, the masks will be close to the size measured and will fit regardless. 

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