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Reusing disposable face masks has always been a sensitive topic because of the risks that come with them. Before covid, the notion that disposable face masks ought to be thrown away after one use may have been stronger. But, the shortage of masks during covid has taught us that disposable face masks can be used more than once before binning them. 

The question now is- If we can reuse a disposable mask, how many times can you wear a disposable face mask before binning? Find answers to that and learn more about the safe use of disposable masks in this quick read.

Disposable Face Masks Can Be Reused, Right?

Can disposable masks be reused? Ideally, any face mask that is not made with cloth materials should be thrown away after one use for effectiveness. That is because they are not washable like cloth face masks and wearing them more than once comes with many risks.

However risky as it may seem, disposable face masks can be reused, according to the CDC guidelines released during the covid pandemic. You can reuse disposable masks but with extra care to avoid getting infected. 

See some safety tips below;

  • Always use the ear straps when removing the face mask to avoid touching its outer part since that is where the bacterial and virus particles stick most.
  • Store your used masks in a separate place from others to prevent spreading infections.
  • Ensure your used mask is kept in a safe, breathable space, like a paper bag.
  • While storing the used disposable mask in the bag, ensure it does not touch the edges.
  • Do not disinfect the used face mask to avoid breathing in harmful substances when you use it again.
  • Shuffle between 3-5 disposable masks for safety and longevity. 
  • Always wear your face mask the correct way to avoid issues. Do not hang them carelessly around your chin, head, or neck. If you are not using your face masks, it is better to remove and store them in a safe place instead of wearing them inappropriately.
  • Ensure that you are reusing your nose cover to avoid contracting diseases.

Factors Affecting How Many Times You Can Wear a Disposable Face Mask

While the tips above will help you handle your disposable face mask safely, it is crucial to know when to draw the line. Your disposable masks have to be disposed of eventually. To answer the question, “how many times can you wear a disposable face mask,” we have to consider factors that may affect its longevity.

See some of the factors that can affect the number of times you can reuse a disposable face mask below;

How Dirty the Mask Gets

If your disposable face mask becomes dirty even after one use, throw it away. A dirty face mask is not an appealing sight and has more risks of packing germs. Now, dirty does not apply to the physical appearance of the nose mask only. Sweating, sneezing, and coughing into the nose cover make it dirty too. 

So, if your disposable face mask is visibly filthy, and soiled with sweat, mucus, or other body fluids, bin it immediately.

The Quality of the Mask

You may be unable to tell the differences between an original and a fake mask at the initial purchase, but time usually exposes them. Most fake nose covers get torn or have their straps removed or slacked easily. If your disposable nose cover has any tears, it will not protect you as it should. Regardless of the number of times you have used such a mask, dispose of it.

To avoid buying too often, ensure to purchase the best quality face masks from a reputable source.

Uncertainty About Mask Ownership

Staying with other people can easily cause you to mix up your face masks, especially when they are stored in a similar manner. In times like that, you cannot be too sure about which mask actually belongs to you or the other person. When you are not sure about the ownership of a mask, throw it away. You risk contracting or spreading diseases when using a nose cover that may not be yours. 

To prevent situations like mixing up masks, ensure that you store yours away from others in a safe yet indisputable place.

So - How Many Times Can You Wear a Disposable Face Mask?

How long your disposable face mask can be used first depends on the type of mask that you have. Surgical masks, for instance, should not be used more than once. It does not matter if you wear surgical masks correctly or not. They are supposed to be thrown away after use. Such nose covers get used where disease-spreading organisms stick easily and using them multiple times is highly risky. Also, because of what surgical masks are made of, they are less durable.

Other disposable masks, like respirators, can be used as many times as possible unless they get soiled, dirty, torn, worn out, or do not belong to you. Find out more differences between surgical masks and disposable masks for clarity. 

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Wrapping Things Up

To sum up our article on “how many times can you reuse a disposable face mask;

Disposable face masks are reusable but not everlasting. Once you notice any irregularity in your mask's structure, fitting, and appearance, it is best to dispose of it immediately. Do not forget that surgical masks are different from regular disposable masks. They are less durable and should be thrown away after one use. 

The bottom line is if you want your disposable face masks to protect effectively and last longer, buy high-quality products from Primo Dental Products. You can shop for varieties of quality disposable masks from our PPE shop online for better protection.