Tattoo Artists’ Guide to Sterilization Pouches - Primo Dental Products

Tattoo artists have a difficult job. Not only do they need to create an amazing work of art, but they also need to be mindful of their clients' safety. One way that tattoo artists can ensure the safety of their clients is by using sterilization pouches while tattooing. This blog post will discuss how tattoo artists can use these pouches for their workspaces.

Why Do Tattoo Artists Need To Sterilize Their Tools?

Because of nature of the work, including prolonged contact with the customer's skin, there are strict regulations around maintaining a clean and sanitized workspace to ensure that customer will not get infected or sick as a result of the tattoo process. Note that different municipalities may have different regulations so it is important to stay up-to-date with any changes in regulations. Regardless of location, sterilization of tattoo tools are a must.

What Tools Can Be Sterilized?

Not all tools used by a tattoo artists are meant to be sterilized. Before deciding to sterilize any tools, please ensure that they are explicitly designed to be sterilized using high heat. Disposable tattoo tools and many plastics and oils derived tools should not be sterilized. If these types of tools are exposed to high heat, they can cause serious damage including explosions. Most reusable metal tools are eligible to be sterilized. For example, stainless steel tattoo tips can most likely be sterilized, but make sure to check instructions before sterilizing.

How to Sterilize Tools Using Sterilization Pouches?

There are a few different ways that tattoo artists can sterilize their tools. But the most popular way is to use an autoclave machine. This is one of the most common techniques used by professional studios to keep things clean and sterile. An autoclave is a machine that uses high heat to sterilize tools. In conjunction with sterilization pouches, an autoclave will ensure that all microorganisms, viruses and bacteria that may be on the surface of the tools.

Carefully insert items to be sterilized into the pouch and seal securely. When using multiple pouches in sterilizer make sure the plastic side of the pouch always faces the paper side of the adjacent pouch. When possible, use a pouch rack to eliminate the stacking of the pouches. Make sure pouches are dry upon removal.

The Primo Dental Products sterilization pouches The internal steam chemical indicator will change color during the sterilization process of every Triple-Check™ that reacts to 3 parameters - Steam, Temperature & Time. This will result in confirming the requirements of the sterilization process has been completed. The Triple-Check™ blue indicator will turn dark green when sterilized by steam. The Triple-Check™ pink indicator will turn yellow when sterilized by ETO. These indicators are “process” indicators, and should be used with biological indicators to verify sterilization.

Where Can Tattoo Artists Buy Sterilization Pouches?

It is important to choose a trusted manufacturer for your sterilization pouches. Primo Dental Products is a trusted manufacturer of sterilization pouches in a variety of different sizes. We ensure that our quality is medical grade to support dental professionals and tattoo artists alike. We exclusively ship all our products from our own New Jersey warehouse via Fedex.