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Dental barrier film has many uses in many different environments. While it is initially designed for dental offices to keep high touch surfaces sanitary, it has found numerous use cases outside of the dental office including tattoo parlors. Similar to dental offices, tattoo parlors are workplaces where there are a lot of tools that come in contact with the customer's skin and bodily fluids. To ensure that high touch areas are kept sanitary and disinfected, tattoo parlors should be using disposable barrier films on all high touch surfaces.

What Is Dental Barrier Film Made Of?

Barrier film is made up of a plastic film, similar to plastic wrap used in food service. There are two distinct sides on a barrier film. The outer side is a shiny side where fluids repel off of while the back side includes a low residue adhesive. While barrier film sheets will stick to surfaces, the low residue adhesive will not leave lasting marks on any surface. In the rare case of some minor adhesive residue, soap and water can remove it, leaving your surface as good as new.

Barrier film is a medical grade plastic film consisting of a low-tact, self-adhesive backing. The exterior consists of a shiner finish while the back consists of a low residue adhesive. While it is strong enough to stay stuck to hard, non-porous surfaces, it is easily removable without leaving last marks or any stick adhesive on the surface. Note that the barrier film sheets are single-use and is not meant to stay stuck on germanely.

How Do Tattoo Parlors Use Dental Barrier Film?

Tattoo parlors have many hard surfaces that are potentially exposed to customers. Common tools and surfaces including tattoo chairs, tattoo gun handles, ultrasonic tanks and other reusable metal surfaces are great places where barrier film can be used. Because of the individual sheets measuring only 13 inches by 18 inches, these sheets can be used on a variety of surfaces to provide adequate germ protection.

How To Use Dental Barrier Film In Tattoo Parlors?

Remove dental barrier film from its packaging and make sure the shiny side faces out. Place dental protector between two surfaces to create a seal. For example, place dental barrier film on any surface in your tattoo studio that touches skin or is close to contact with fluid (i.e., countertops, handles of equipment). The protective layer prevents cross-contamination via droplets, splashes or airborne particles such as dust and bacteria between patient areas as well as staff workstations.

Where To Buy Dental Barrier Film?

Dental barrier film can be bought from many different types of suppliers. While all barrier film may seem the same, it is important to buy choose a reputable vendor to ensure you are getting the highest quality possible. Lower cost barrier film might look the same but they are to susceptible to common problems including low quality adhesive which result in both a lack of adhesion on surfaces while also leaving adhesive residue on surfaces. Another common problem with low quality barrier film is the issue with easily ripping. All dental films have perforated edges to easily rip individual sheets, but low quality barrier film will tear mid sheet.

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