Dental Bibs: An Essential Tool for Esthetician - Primo Dental Products

Dental bibs are an essential tool for aestheticians and dental professionals alike. They are designed to protect the clothing of dental staff, which is crucial in this industry where sanitary procedures need to be followed at all times. Dental bibs can also help prevent cross-contamination from occurring between patients, as they act as a barrier between different mouths. Whether you're looking for dental bibs that are disposable or reusable, we have what you need!

What Does An Esthetician Do?

An estheticians is a skincare professional who is focused on delivering cosmetic skin treatments, including facials, chemical peels, body treatments and various types of waxing. It is important to note that these are not medical professionals. While they can diagnose surface level skin conditions, they cannot perform any type of injections including Botox, facial fillers or deep skin chemical peels.

Why Do They Need To Use Dental Bibs?

Because estheticians interact with patients' skin it is important for them to utilize protective covering including dental bibs. A good dental bib can provide both protection from bodily fluids as well as liquids and fluids from spreading.

How Often Should An Esthetician Change Dental Bibs?

Estheticians should change dental bibs after a single patient and before each new one. If you are doing more than one client at once, there should be an additional dental bib for every person sitting up front who is not actively receiving treatment. For example, if you have two clients waiting in your chair then three dental bibs would be needed to cover them all: One on the table being attended to; Two on chairs near the end of it (one per chair). It's important that any time blood or bodily fluids are seen coming out they must discard their current dental bibs.

What Makes A Good Dental Bib?

It's important that dental bibs are absorbent, disposable and strong. Some of the dental bibs on the market have one or more of these qualities in place but not all three. A good dental bib should be strong enough not to rip while also providing fluid protection and fluid absorbency.

Primo Dental Products is proud to offer industry leading dental bibs. Our dental bibs include the following features.

  • Our dental bibs are proudly made in the United States. Our disposable dental bibs are made of the highest medical grade paper and film. Our bibs are medical grade and can handle the harshest conditions.
  • Composed of 2 Ply Tissue + 1 Ply polyethylene film backing; 2 ply water absorbent tissue will help absorb liquids and avoid spills. The polyethylene film backing sheet provides optimal liquid barrier, keeping your clients dry in all circumstances.
  • Our 13" x 18" bibs feature no-tear property that helps in keeping your patient clean, dry and comfortable by preventing moisture spots and unwanted liquid smudges.
  • Multiple uses - Our disposable patient bibs have a variety of uses including as tattoo tray cover, tattoo bibs, piercing bibs, dental bibs, lap cloth, drape sheet, pee pads, changing station liner.