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The Duckbill Mask N95 Fluidshield by Halyard Health is named after its distinct duckbill-style shape. The duckbill breathing chamber is more than twice as large as the leading competitive surgical N95s and exceeds all NIOSH standards for breathability and usability. These duckbill masks have also been cleared by the FDA as a medical device, and are masks made in the USA, while most KN95s and N95s on the market have only received a temporary Emergency Use Authorization.

To ensure your Duckbill Mask N95 Particulate Filter Respirator provides the intended level of protection, it is important that the respirator is applied properly, and that a user seal check is performed EACH AND EVERY TIME you wear it. Please make sure that the orange side is always facing on the outside!

Duckbill Mask N95s By Halyard Health Available on Primo Dental Products

Steps To Properly How To Wear A N95 Duckbill Mask

  1. Separate the edges of the respirator to fully open it.
  2. Slightly bend the nose wire on the top of the N95 to form a gentle arch.
  3. Now hold the Duckbill N95 upside down to expose both of the headbands. Please note that the side of the mask with the nose wire should be facing downward.
  4. Using both of your index fingers and thumbs, separate the two headbands.
  5. While holding the headbands with your index fingers and thumbs, cup the respirator under your chin. 
  6. Now you can pull the headbands up over your head.
  7. Release the lower headband with your thumbs and position this lower headband at the base of your neck and below your earlobes.
  8. You can now release the top headband and position it on the crown of your head.
  9. Conform the nosepiece across the bridge of your nose by firmly pressing down with your fingers.
  10. Continue to adjust the duckbill N95 masks and secure the edges until you feel you have achieved a good facial fit. You will then need to perform a user seal check.
  11. Forcefully inhale and exhale several large deep breaths. The respirator should collapse slightly when you inhale and expand when you exhale. There should not feel like there is any air leaking between your face and the respirator.
  12. If the duckbill N95 mask does not collapse and expand OR if air is leaking out between your face and the respirator, then you have NOT achieved a good fit. Adjust the respirator until the leakage is corrected and you are able to successfully complete the user seal test.  

Tips for Achieving a Good Fit For A Duckbill N95

If you have issues creating a self seal for your Duckbill N95 respirator, please follow the following steps:

  1. Use a mirror while adjusting the N95 respirator.
  2. Ask someone to look for hair or earrings that might be caught in the seal.
  3. Make sure the headbands are properly positioned. It is particularly important that the top headband is on the crown of your head.
  4. Facial hair will cause the respirator to leak and prevent a tight seal, so users should be clean-shaven. Some types of facial hair are acceptable as long as the facial hair does not lie along the sealing area of the respirator.

Duckbill Mask N95s By Halyard Health Available on Primo Dental Products