Why Use Disposable Dental Bibs? - Primo Dental Products

While dental bibs are most closely associated with dentists, there are many other professionals that use disposable dental bibs in their day-to-day. Workplaces such as nail salons, tattoo parlors and beauty salons find use cases for these dental bibs. In high contact situations with fluids and aerosols all around, disposable dental bibs provide a cost effective way to ensure a clean work space for employees and customers alike.

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What Are Dental Bibs Made Of?

Most high quality disposable dental bibs consist of two different materials, tissue paper and poly film. The tissue paper, which comes in two or three ply, provides the absorbency while the poly film provide a barrier to keep customers and patients dry. In addition, the poly film provides the added rigidity to the dental bibs to resist tearing.

How To Wear A Dental Bib?

Dental bibs are designed to be worn around the neck and go over your clothes, usually held together with dental clips and chain that go around the neck like a necklace. This not only helps keep you dry, but also reduces the risk of contamination from other surfaces such as tables or counters in a waiting room. Disposable dental bibs are great for high contact situations where fluids and aerosols can pose a safety hazard to both employees and customers alike.

How Can Dental Bibs Be Used?

It is most common for dental bibs to be worn by customers and clients to keep fluids and aerosols from making contact, but there are many other additional uses cases for disposable dental bibs.

These bibs can be used to help reduce clean up times when used as instrument tray lines and to cover equipment, eliminating the need to re-sanitize and reduce clean up and prep time between new patients.

What Colors Do Dental Bibs Come In?

Dental bibs can come in a variety of colors. While some of the most common colors are blue, green and yellow, dental bibs colors can be varied. Aqua, beige, gray, peach and pink are also other popular colors.

Where To Buy Disposable Dental Bibs?

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