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Are you looking for the most protected gloves? Then nitrile gloves are your best bet! Nitrile gloves are considered one of the best for a variety of uses. And by the end of this article, you’ll understand why they’re the premier choice.

Besides being latex-free, they are also oil and chemical resistant, making them user-friendly. Due to their outstanding properties, nitrile gloves are used in many industries, for many purposes. This begs the question - why are nitrile gloves used? And that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today. In this article, you will gain an in-depth understanding of why nitrile gloves are used. First things first - what exactly are nitrile gloves? Let’s take a look.

What Exactly Are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound. Nitrile gloves are latex-free, so they are ideal for people allergic to latex. Nitrile gloves have gained more popularity in the gloves industry as they have good resistance against chemicals and wear and tear.

Why Are Nitrile Gloves Used?

You must be curious to know why nitrile gloves are used! The main reason is that nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, which is much better than latex.

There are many applications for which only nitrile gloves are suitable. Nitrile Gloves have a shallow risk of allergies, so dentists prefer to use them in processes.

Even in the automobile industry, people prefer to use nitrile gloves. Disposable gloves are not of any use as the latex easily dissolves when it comes into contact with grease or diesel.

But nowadays, even nitrile gloves have started ruling the automobile industry too. The entire automobile industry uses nitrile gloves as they are highly resistant to all chemicals and heat.

As per the US Environmental Protection Agency, nitrile gloves are perfect for multiple toxic activities. Nitrile Gloves work as a barrier for these organic solvents and paints. These nitrile gloves are not only easy on the pocket but also durable and suitable for protection. Even some chemicals are so harsh that nitrile gloves cannot give complete protection.

Why Are Nitrile Gloves Used? Examining Use Cases Across Different Industries

Experts in different fields opt for nitrile gloves for their excellent chemical and heat-resistant properties.  Industries that can spread disease, high temperature, a spill of hot oils, involvement of harmful chemicals and contaminations, then nitrile gloves are a savior for them.

Nitrile rubber is the most suitable material for manufacturing examination gloves in the healthcare industry and is also used in other sectors.

From the medical to the automobile industry, nitrile gloves are used everywhere. Continue reading to know why nitrile gloves are used in different industries.

Tattoo Parlors

Nitrile gloves give the wearer increased sensitivity so the artist can work efficiently. Piercing and tattoos increase the risk of exposure for both customers and artists.

These gloves protect the artist from customer skin infection or other body fluids( tears, blood, or sweat). Using these gloves, the worker's hands will not be sweaty, and he can efficiently work.

The Dental and Medical Industry

 Nitrile gloves are the perfect option for the medical industry. Almost all medical staff prefer nitrile gloves for their excellent protection and resistance.

As we all know, medical staff must deal with different viruses and bacteria.

The perfect fit of nitrile gloves gives a guarantee of not spreading viruses. Due to the fantastic fit, it can't even reach to wearer's skin.

It also lowers the risk of transmission virus from staff to the patient. As we all know, nitrile gloves are chemical resistant. So it also protects the medical workers from harmful chemicals.

Nitrile gloves are latex-free, so they can easily be used by everyone( for latex allergic patients too).

The Food Service Industry

Nitrile Gloves are an ideal option to use in cooking and serving processes. In many food service areas, nitrile gloves are preferred due to the low risk of allergies.  

Nitrile gloves are disposable, making it easy for workers to change gloves during the task so that cross-contamination doesn't occur.  Sometimes germs are not even removed by washing, but nitrile gloves prevent the spread of germs.

The Auto Industry

Nitrile gloves' properties make them suitable for use in the automobile industry.

As we all know, nitrile gloves are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, making it easy for mechanics to handle grease and hot oil. You know what? Nitrile gloves can protect your hands at 226 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to their oil-resistant characteristics, you can easily handle engine hoses, gaskets, oil seals, O-rings, and other components. If your hands aren’t covered, you risk getting injured. Nitrile gloves protect your hands from harmful chemicals as well.

Uses in scientific labs

Nitrile gloves and highly chemical-resistant gloves are best for scientific lab work.

When you work in a scientific lab, there is a risk of contamination, the spread of viruses, and the spill of chemicals, so nitrile gloves prove to be a savior in these cases.

The perfect fit keeps the skin protected from chemicals or germs. Some workers can all have a latex allergy, so nitrile gloves are for them.

These gloves are made of a synthetic copolymer, making them durable, stretchable, and chemical-resistant. Therefore, you can use it to protect yourself in hazardous environments that contain dangerous chemicals, toxins, or other infectious substances. These gloves are also suitable for you if you suffer from latex allergies. 

They have exceptional puncture resistance, making them better than other gloves.  Even they are available in blue and black, increasing puncture visibility.

Now you must know how and why Nitrile gloves are used in most sectors!

Why Nitrile Gloves Are Used Instead of Vinyl Gloves, Latex Gloves, and Other Alternatives

No doubt, the nitrile glove is best due to its unique features. Let's discuss why nitrile gloves are used more than vinyl or latex gloves.

Besides nitrile gloves, latex gloves are mainly used for industrial and healthcare purposes. Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, while latex gloves are made of natural rubber. Unlike nitrile gloves, latex gloves are biodegradable.

Nitrile gloves are widely used for medical exams, while latex gloves are considered surgical gloves. 

Most people choose nitrile over latex gloves because of being allergic to latex. But latex gloves are more comfortable. Despite nitrile being less comfortable or flexible, people opt for nitrile because of its oil-resistant and chemical-resistant properties.

On the other hand, vinyl gloves consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, plasticizers are used to soften the material that later transforms into wearable.

Even after multiple softening processes, vinyl gloves don't have a snug fit. No doubt it's easy to wear and remove, but a loose fit increases the chances of increase of contamination on the skin.

Vinyl gloves have limited performance and protection compared to nitrile gloves because of the polyvinyl chloride structure.

Therefore, Vinyl gloves increase the chances of cross-contamination between wearer and patients.

Vinyl gloves are pocket-friendly for unharmful environments as they are not highly resistant to chemicals. If there is a requirement for higher protection level, then nitrile gloves are the option. As per the protection levels, Nitrile gloves are better than vinyl gloves.

It is concluded that nitrile gloves are undoubtedly perfect for many industries. Slowly slowly, it started ruling every sector. Its features standouts it against other alternatives. Now you must know why nitrile gloves are widely used in every industry.

Why do nitrile gloves conduct less electricity?

Latex gloves are naturally static, holding onto a charge and discharging it uncontrollably, causing harm. Nitrile gloves often have surface resistance between insulative and static dissipative. The glove's surface resistance must be more than 1 x 105 ohms but less than 1 x 1011 ohms to be deemed static dissipative.

How is glove resistance measured?

Researchers often choose one of two techniques to evaluate a glove's resistance. First, test the resistance by placing the glove on a metal hand and a piece of sheet metal. The second approach involves inserting an electrode into a glove that has been filled with saline, immersing the glove assembly in the bath of saline with the electrode, and measuring the resistance between the two electrodes.

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Final Thoughts: Why Nitrile Gloves Are Used

We hope this article gives you more clarity about why nitrile gloves are used more. Nitrile gloves are widely used in every sector because of their excellent qualities.

From being oil resistant to heat resistant, nitrile gloves do wonders in every field. It is ideal for latex allergies.

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