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Generally, workers in different industries all around the world use gloves to protect their hands from danger. Certain industries, like the healthcare industries - use gloves to protect not just themselves, but you, too! Today, you can find gloves everywhere, worn by everyone, created and used specifically for a variety of reasons.

Nitrile, which is short for acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, is a synthetic and latex-free glove. These types of gloves became popular in the 1990s thereby taking over latex gloves because of their durability, electrical resistance, and resistance to chemicals. These are just a few of the reasons people prefer nitrile. They are also considered a great alternative to latex gloves since they won’t cause allergy problems. 

But, are nitrile gloves heat resistant? This is an important consideration if you work in an industry where you’re in close contact with heated surfaces and substances. Whether you heat up chemicals and oils or you’re working on hot engines or auto parts, you need temperature protection. And unfortunately, solid information on this topic is sorely lacking.

Don't worry, we got you covered. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know. You’ll learn why you need heat-resistant gloves, whether or not nitrile gloves are heat resistant, and the possible place you can buy these heat-resistant nitrile gloves. Let’s get right into it:

Why Does It Matter If Nitrile Gloves Are Heat Resistant?

While some heat-resistant gloves are used to prevent ambient heat, others are used to offer protection from contact heat. The most important fact is that they are useful when you are baking, cooking, working in a lab, or in contact with any kind of chemical because they can protect you from burns and injuries.

Research has shown that people who work in environments with high temperatures are susceptible to accidents from burns that can mostly affect the hand. But why risk using normal gloves when you can use nitrile gloves to prevent these accidents from occurring. Heat-resistant gloves often last longer than normal gloves and they can be used in an environment above 200 degrees.

If any of those categories describe your need, you should understand that different industries need nitrile gloves for several reasons. Generally, they offer reliable hand protection from several hazards, including cuts, burns, etc. Some other reasons you may need a nitrile glove include the following:

  1. They are used by medical practitioners to evaluate patients, handle biological materials, and dispose of medical waste.
  2. They are used to protect workers in the lab from harmful substances like chemicals and organic solvents.
  3. Workers in the manufacturing, janitorial, and automotive field need nitrile gloves to help improve their skills, especially when handling electrical appliances and protecting them from harm.
  4. During food preparation, nitrile gloves are used to protect the hands from cross-contamination.

So, Are Nitrile Gloves Heat Resistant?

Yes, nitrile gloves are heat and puncture-resistant. This is because they are made of thick natural rubber materials that are durable even under a significant amount of stress and high temperature.

These rubbers are functional in several conditions. This means that they can protect your hands in temperatures as high as 226 degrees Fahrenheit. While heat-resistant gloves act as insulators in high-temperature environments, others act as better protection when in direct contact with any hot surface.

The good news is that employees working in extreme temperatures involving hot surfaces and chemical reactions can function well with them in their workplace without fear of burns and injuries. Employers can also make this glove available in their workplace to protect their workers.

These gloves are also easy to wear and can be used to prevent puncture and cutting which of course is one of the characteristics of a heat-resistant glove. With nitrile gloves, you do not need to worry about getting close to hot objects because they prevent accidental burns from occurring.

Where Can I Find Nitrile Gloves That Are Heat Resistant?

Are you considering where to get a pair of these nitrile-coated heat-resistant gloves? 

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Final Thoughts On Nitrile Glove & Heat Resistance

The potential to sustain injuries and burns at work can be high depending on your industry. If this sounds like you, it is always advisable to have a nitrile glove heat resistant PPE while at work. Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber materials that provide resistance from chemicals, heat, and punctures. 

These gloves are used to protect the wearer's hands from any contamination from any item or surface they come in contact with. Nitrile gloves are also used in food preparation to protect your hands from steam and burning. It is however important that you dispose of these gloves especially after they come in contact with any form of chemical. 

With a simple step, you can find out why you need to trust our nitrile heat-resistant gloves at Primo Dental Products. You can also get all your safety essentials at our PPE online store today!