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Choosing the best personal protective equipment (PPE) available is a critical decision for many industries, from the frontlines of hospitals and first responders to aesthetic service providers like beauty salons and tattoo parlors. Nitrile gloves are an amazing tool at defending yourself from hazards like chemicals, punctures, and other harmful materials.

Compared to a 17% number for latex gloves, only 1% of healthcare providers have reported any nitrile gloves allergy symptoms - making them the preferred choice worldwide. Nitrile gloves have revolutionized the healthcare world with their far-reaching accessibility. But figuring out where to buy nitrile gloves can pose an additional challenge for businesses and hospitals.

If you are searching to find who makes nitrile gloves, you have come to the right place. At Primo Dental Products we offer the highest quality nitrile gloves for a wide variety of industries. Choosing the right PPE provider can mean the difference between employee safety and life-threatening danger. We’ll talk about which manufacturers we recommend for you and your unique needs below. First - here’s why finding the right nitrile gloves cannot be overlooked!

Why You Need the Best Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are vital to the safety of healthcare providers and other employees working with dangerous materials. A reliable pair of nitrile gloves won’t tear at the first sign of stress while still being comfortable enough not to interfere with high-precision tasks.

In addition, there are other factors specific to your field that may arise when choosing a PPE manufacturer, like nitrile gloves chemical resistance ratings for the chemical products you typically work with.

Peace of Mind Knowing You & Your Patients are Protected

Patient trust is crucial to any practice, and high quality PPE helps healthcare providers maintain safety even when working with harsh chemicals and biological agents. When it comes to surgical glove sizing, high quality nitrile gloves can provide enough comfort and range of motion to ensure surgeons can perform tight incisions safely.

In addition, when considering rubber gloves electricity conduction, nitrile gloves can keep you and your patients  safe from electric shocks during complex medical procedures.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

Nitrile gloves expiration dates are good for five years, but due to their disposable nature, it is a given you will need to cycle through gloves multiple times throughout a day. As such, it is important to find high quality nitrile gloves in bulk at a reasonable price.

Heat resistant nitrile gloves are one such area where buying in bulk can be very effective. For organizations working with high temperature materials common to manufacturing, medicines, and food preparation up to 226 degrees fahrenheit.

So, Who Makes Nitrile Gloves? A List of Reputable Manufacturers

When looking to buy nitrile gloves online, authenticity is paramount to securing safe, high quality products. With a number of options and top of the line customer support, we are here for you every step of the way. Primo Dental Products is your one-stop shop for all of your PPE needs, with a wide number of manufacturers perfect for most industries. 

We have hand-selected our catalog among hundreds of companies to bring you the best of who makes nitrile gloves for your business. And as you’ll discover below, we actually make our own nitrile gloves as well! 

The Primo Dental Brand

Primo Dental offers the highest quality nitrile gloves for purchase no matter your industry. Dentists have trusted our brand for years, along with science labs and other healthcare providers.

Not in the medical field? Primo Dental Products still has you covered. If you are  in the food service industry, we offer nitrile gloves perfect for food safety standards, along with gloves perfect for tattoo artists, beauty salons, and more.


OmniTrust is a storied brand in the industry, and we are proud to offer their products here at Primo Dental Products. Their gloves are perfect for forensics experts and first responders alike, when standard nitrile gloves would typically interfere with investigations.


BeeSure offers the high quality nitrile gloves protection found in bulkier gloves while retaining motor dexterity, perfect for precision tasks. BeeSure’s SuperSlim nitrile gloves retain their structure without breaking


Medline are the experts of producing nitrile gloves for the healthcare industry. Their exam nitrile gloves are perfect for healthcare providers who want to maintain touch sensitivity without risking tears or exposure during examinations.

Now That You Know Who Makes Nitrile Gloves, Here are Some Tips for Getting the Right Ones

With so many options available, finding the perfect nitrile gloves for your business needs can be tricky. Here are a few tips to ensure your order is perfect for every employee in need of gloves.

In a perfect world, one size would fit all, but taking into account proper sizing when purchasing nitrile gloves can help maximize your purchase. Most gloves come in multiple sizes, ranging from X-Small to Large or X-Large, so we recommend having at least one box in each size. As a general rule, Medium and Large gloves are the closest approximations for the majority of employees, so budgeting for extra in those size categories can ensure your employees always have access to gloves that fit them.

Remember, gloves that are too tight can break easily, while gloves that are too loose may lead to contaminants slipping through the wrist without a tight seal. Finding the right size for each employee in need of gloves can save time and optimize safe practices.

In addition, be sure to keep an eye out for higher quality nitrile gloves, like those we offer at Primo Dental. Cheap gloves from foreign manufacturers may be cheaper through mass production, but the risk of tears and cross-contamination can easily turn a “budget hack” into a safety nightmare.

Wrapping Up Our Guide on Who Makes the Best Nitrile Gloves

When it comes to figuring out who makes the best nitrile gloves, Primo Dental Products covers all the bases. We have our own in-house brand that has been the trusted glove of dental professionals around the world, while also offering additional brands in our catalog that have been proven to work across a wide variety of industries.

The best nitrile gloves in the business are heat resistant, safe against a number of different chemical reactions, and won’t tear at the first sign of distress. When you shop at Primo Dental Products, you know you will receive top shelf gloves at a reasonable price, taking the stress away from shopping for PPE.

To ensure the safety of your employees and customers, check out our PPE shop which offers gloves and face masks made in the USA today!