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The new more contagious strains of COVID-19 that is rapidly spreading across the globe has prompted renewed waves of proper personal protection. The Centers for Disease Control is now recommending to stop wearing cloth face covering and transition to surgical face masks. Concerned consumers are now looking for additional protection in the form of N95 surgical respirators. Today, we will go over some popular N95 designs that are currently available. While all NIOSH rated N95 respirators provide filtration of at least 95% of airborne particles, there are different types of N95 masks. It is important to educate yourself on these different designs to ensure that you pick the best N95 respirator for your own needs.

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Duckbill N95 Masks

The duckbill N95 mask is one of the more recognizable N95 respirator designs out there. This unique duckbill design provides a two times larger breathing chamber than other types of mask while exceeding all NIOSH standards for breathability.

The most popular manufacturer of these Duckbill N95 particulate respirators is Halyard Health. As one of the largest American manufacturers of disposable medical equipment, they are a trusted brand many consumers see when visiting doctor offices and hospitals. The Halyard N95 Duckbill mask is one of the few masks that has also been cleared as a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike many competitors N95s or the Chinese KN95s that have received a temporary Emergency Use Authorization, the Halyard N95 has completed the FDA’s 510(k) certification as a medical device. In addition, these Halyard N95 respirators have received ASTM Level 3 certification - the highest-recognized level of fluid protection.

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Flat Fold N95 Masks

The flat fold N95 design is the one that most resembles a standard surgical mask. While it may look like a standard surgical mask, this mask is actually a NIOSH rated N95 surgical respirator.  Like comparable N95 masks, the flat fold N95 is worn with two sets of straps that go behind the head to help create the seal. These respirators also include two aluminum and chin pieces to mold to the face for a tighter seam and the chin-pocket design also allows for a more secure fit
. This design also allows for greater flexibility to fit faces of all shapes and sizes.

The Isolator Plus N95 Surgical Respirator by Crosstex is the most popular model of the flat fold N95 respirator design. These masks are NIOSH rated as a N95 surgical respirator and rated by the CDC for effective TB control. 

These N95 respirators have a malleable aluminum band over the nose and under the chin provides a comfortable custom fit while providing a secure fit for ultimate protection. This design also eliminated “blow by” while providing maximum breathability. The aluminum band eliminates fogging of all types of eyewear. In addition, both the white inner layer and the blue-striped outer layer are fluid resistant up to 160 mmHg. In addition, the Isolator Plus N95 Particulate Respirator offers a dual elastic headband.

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Cone Style N95 Masks

The Cone Style N95 design is the most common design available. It utilizes a cone shaped breathing chamber. These N95 respirators are most commonly used in industrial use cases where fine particles such as wood, metal or other airborne particles may be around. Some of the masks also include exhaust values for better breathability. While this functionality is good for standard industrial use cases before the pandemic, these models are not recommended as it could potentially spread the COVID-19 virus to others. 

Because of the popularity of these models, customers need to be careful of potential counterfeit masks. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers just recently announced the seizure of 100,000 Counterfeit 3M N95 masks in two shipments from Hong Kong.

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There are a variety of N95 styles that all have their pros and cons. Whatever style you decide to go with, ensure that you are purchasing from reputable dealers. Here at Primo Dental Products, we have been in business serving the dental community for over 5+ years. We ensure that we only source medical grade equipment we would feel confident selling to our loyal dental customers. We are focused on delivering high quality, medical grade products to all of our customers. We hope you turn to Primo Dental Products for all your masks made in the USA.